About Me

My name is Robert Virag. I have been working as SQL Servers database administrator since 2009. How everything was started? This is an interesting story, let me share it.

One day my team leader came to me and said “Robert, one person is needed in the MSSQL team ASAP, because there is a migration project coming and the MSSQL colleague go to holiday for 2 weeks. Are you interested in?” Well I did not even know what SQL Server is, but I said “Yeah, Why not…” This was my best decision I have ever made. So this was how everything got started.

I spent a lot of time with learning and more learning, improving my skills, and at the end I really liked SQL Server. I get certified as IT Professional Database Administrator and Trainer as well.

This whole thing became a hobby to me. That’s why I have started this blog.

In this blog, I would like to share my experiences, ideas regarding SQL Server operation.

If you have any questions or remarks, just feel free to contact me (robertATsqlapprenticeDOTnet)